Breathing Techniques

You don’t normally think too hard about how and when you breathe. It’s something that happens naturally. Yet, practicing specific breathing techniques can help in a variety of health situations. 

At Healer’s of Motion Physical Therapy in Pembroke Pines, Florida, our team incorporates breathing exercises to help guide recovery and improve overall well-being. Typically, this treatment is recommended and delivered through your physical therapy sessions. If your physical therapist deems this method suitable to help with your healing, they will show you how to perform suitable breathing techniques.

What are breathing techniques?

Correct breathing can improve ventilatory efficiency and help re-balance your heart rate and autonomic nervous system. In other words, they can help improve your lung capacity and help reduce stress or anxiety.

Generally, they involve different variations of controlling the breath. According to the American Lung Association, in a healthy and non-stressed body, your diaphragm, a muscle that contracts and relaxes when you inhale and exhale, does about 80% of the work when it comes to breathing. 

With pulmonary complications or conditions, the lungs may struggle to exhale old air. This may leave stale air in the lungs, which causes the diaphragm to work below its usual capacity. In turn, oxygen levels may decrease within the body. 

As most people know, the human body can’t survive without oxygen. Decreased oxygen levels may, ultimately, lead to further issues down the road. Yet, by incorporating breathing techniques at the right time, you can prevent any ill effects and optimize the amount of oxygen your body takes in.

How can breathing techniques help you?

They are useful in a variety of situations. Research indicates that breathing exercises can help improve diaphragmatic mobility and strength, especially in those with pulmonary disorders or conditions. Breathing exercises can also be implemented to reduce pulmonary complications after certain types of surgery, especially chest or abdomen procedures. 

Studies have also demonstrated the efficacy of breathing techniques in reducing stress levels. In fact, one study showed the breathing technique group to have reduced stress hormone levels after an eight-week breathing program.

Uncover the power of your breath

At Healer’s of Motion Physical Therapy in Pembroke Pines, Florida, our team is trained and experienced when it comes to proper breathing to aid in healing. Optimize your physical therapy treatment through effective and efficient breathing techniques. Call our clinic to book your next physical therapy appointment today!


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