Back and Shoulder Pain? Physical Therapy Can Help!

Back and shoulder pain is becoming all too common, with many individuals working sedentary jobs and technology becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Maybe you’re even experiencing back or shoulder pain right now, and you’re on the hunt for effective pain relief. You might wonder if physical therapy is right for you.

At Healers of Motion Physical Therapy, Dr Evelyn Mora and the team are dedicated to helping you achieve a higher state of health — without pain standing in your way. In fact, we consider ourselves pain relief specialists when it comes to joint and musculoskeletal issues. So, how can you overcome back and shoulder pain? Is physical therapy a suitable option for you?

Causes of Back and Shoulder Pain

You can experience back and shoulder pain due to a variety of reasons. However, we’ve taken the time to outline the most common causes below. This can give you a better understanding as to why pain is happening, and potentially, how you can avoid it.

1. Poor Posture

Are you hunching forward at your desk? Or are you craning your neck to look at your phone? It’s time to re-assess your posture. Bring your phone up to your eye level as opposed to the other way around. Consciously bring your shoulder blades down and back. As a kid, your parents were onto something when they barked at you to sit up straight.

Research shows how improvements in postural awareness reduced pain in individuals with shoulder and back pain. The truth is that many of us aren’t aware of how we’re sitting, especially when we’re sitting for long durations for work or leisure activities.

“Proper posture is the position where the body is under the least amount of strain or stress.” says Mora, owner of Healers of Motion Physical Therapy. In turn, this is less likely to result in pain or discomforts. However, this “proper posture” does not involve hunched or rounded shoulders or a protruding neck.

Rather, when sitting, you want your screen to be at eye level so you can sit back in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. Your shoulders should be relaxed but down and back. Yet, many of us forget to do this after long durations, which we’re going to explore in more detail in the next section.

2. Sitting for Long Durations

Poor posture isn’t the only problem driving back and shoulder pain cases. How long we’re sitting matters too.

As we sit for long durations to complete our 8-hour workday or play video games, we forget about our posture. Inevitably, this leads to poor posture, then, often, back pain. However, setting alarms or notifications as reminders can help you become more conscious of this.

At the same time, the human body isn’t made to sit all day in the same chair. Your body actually thrives with movement thrown into the mix. Thus, on top of fixing your posture, you’ll want to take breaks from sitting in general. Stand up and stretch. Go for a quick walk down the hall every hour or two. This can give your body a break and encourage blood flow to the places that lack it when you’re sitting down.

3. Heavy Lifting

In many occupations, heavy lifting is unavoidable. It’s also necessary when moving around at home or performing certain tasks around the house. Yet, many people struggle to lift properly. And improper lifting can quickly lead to shoulder or back pain.

Instead, ensure you’re lifting with a neutral back. Hold the object close to your body. Bend your knees to get underneath, then lift, pushing through your feet.

4. Repetitive Actions

Meanwhile, many other jobs or activities involve repetitive actions. For instance, a pitcher in baseball throws ball after ball. A carpenter might hammer in nail after nail. These repetitive actions can lead to overuse injuries, such as tendonitis in the shoulder or back, resulting in shoulder pain.

Combatting Back and Shoulder Pain With Physical Therapy

If you’re experiencing back and shoulder pain that just won’t quit, physical therapy might be the right option for you. During physical therapy, Dr Evelyn Mora and the team will help you get back to your daily activities, without pain. Physical therapy works with your body and helps stimulate your body’s innate healing mechanisms, guiding you toward better health.

With back and shoulder pain, your physical therapy treatment may include:

● Prescribed Exercises – These will often focus on strengthening your posture muscles, such as those in the mid to upper back, your core, and your rotator cuff. Your physical therapist will also prescribe stretches to help relieve tight muscles.

● Manual Therapy – Techniques, such as traction, kneading, myofascial release, and more, help stimulate healing by encouraging blood flow and releasing tension.

● Cold and Heat Application – Hot and cold therapy can help manage your pain. Your
physical therapist will further guide you on how to use these techniques at home.

● Education – As part of physical therapy, prevention is key. Your physical therapist will educate you on preventative strategies, along with prescribing exercises to help
strengthen the affected area and prevent future or recurring injuries.

If you’re ready to get started with a physical therapist in Pembroke Pines, Florida, call Healers of Motion Physical Therapy at 954-861-0252. Let us help you get back on track and guide you toward making a full recovery. It’s time for you to find relief from your back pain or shoulder pain. 



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