Will Running Damage Your Knees? Studies Say No.

Is running bad for your knees? 

Physical therapists say this is a common question among both avid runners and those who may start running for exercise or to participate in that first 5K. 

It’s a question that highlights a common concern about running – that it’s an activity that’s good for the heart but bad for the knees. 

For most people, though, the answer is a resounding no. According to Dr Evelyn Mora, physical therapist in Pembroke Pines Florida, the key lies in employing proper body mechanics while running.

The Evidence 

Most runners can rest assured there’s really little evidence that running, when done properly, damages the body or increases a person’s risk of developing arthritis in their knees. 

In fact, research has shown the opposite, says Mora, owner of Healers of Motion Physical Therapy.

According to an analysis of multiple studies, for example – findings that were published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy in 2017 – 10.2 percent of non-runners develop osteoarthritis in knees or hips, while these ailments develop in just 3.5 percent of recreational runners. 

Further research has revealed that when it comes to the risk of developing osteoarthritis, running takes a back seat to other, more worrisome factors like knee injury history, genetics, occupational exposure to risky movements, age, and obesity. 

Movement is Medicine 

This and other research simply support the much broader viewpoint that living a more sedentary lifestyle puts one at a much higher risk of chronic pain and conditions, like osteoarthritis, than living a more active life. 

In fact, a phrase used often by physical therapists – “movement is medicine” – most often holds true. 

Unless someone has other underlying conditions that make running difficult or which cause more wear and tear on the muscles and joints – such as bad form or over training – runners can rest assured that recreational running is safe on the knees and joints. 

What About Common Running Injuries? 

That’s certainly not to say runners are immune to pain and injury. Issues like runner’s knee, shin splints, Achilles and foot pain, and so on are experienced by thousands of runners every year. 

These conditions, however, are often due to issues such as bad running mechanics, muscle imbalances, improper footwear, overexertion, or not enough rest and recovery between workouts. 

Healers of Motion regularly works with runners of all ages and levels to identify these underlying causes of pain and injury. Through professional running and movement assessments, as well as a physical examination of affected areas, PTs can pinpoint, then address, the true sources of the pain. 

They can then ensure the safety and longevity of runners through one or a combination of strategies, like strength and flexibility exercises, the establishment of better running mechanics, new running shoes/insoles, or the development of a more individualized exercise regimen. 

If you’re looking for sports injury rehab or joint pain therapy in Pembroke Pines, then look no further. The physical therapists at Healers of Motion are pros at getting you back to the top of your game.

We proudly provide physical therapy services to patients in Pembroke Pines, as well as the surrounding areas of Weston, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Miramar, and Davie.

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